About the DMT Trip Reports

DMT Trip Report Number One by SWIM*

An Introduction
March 2009. The morning after SWIMs first DMT hit, SWIM wrote over 3500 words to try and somehow capture the mesmerising experience. It left SWIM in a glowing awe which lasted days, weeks and even months. In the days following, SWIM feared nothing, even death of SWIM's self or SWIM's loved ones. In the subsequent months, SWIM experimented with DMT again, resulting in another break through which resurfaced memories from the first trip. This memory seemed to happen on entry to Hyperspace and so SWIM tried to capture the entry experience  only by taking smaller quantities, not breaking through but enough to get a sense of the Hyperspace Spaceship.

When SWIM refers to the Hyperspace/DMT beings ‘saying’ things to SWIM and SWIM to them, none of these were spoken words unless stated specifically. These communications happened telepathically, not always as words in SWIM's head, but at times as a sense or feeling of the words. Repetitive words were sounded in some way in SWIM's head/mind. Some things were explained to SWIM via a sense of knowing, the knowing given by the DMT beings before SWIM's question had even fully manifested in SWIM's mind.

Entry to Hyperspace is by sequence.

*SWIM is Someone Who Isn't Me.

The Universe was once told 'be careful what you write'...

dmt illegal in US UK but is made in our brains

DMT Side Notes

When SWIM refers to DMT SWIM is referring to Dymethyltryptamine, which was smoked in a pipe with small amounts of marijuana.

As it was SWIM's first time and SWIM was slightly nervous, a few glasses of Tonic Wine were had (Bucky, which is made by the Benedictine Monks of Buckfast Abbey).

The fourth dimension and the ether are SWIM's human attempts at describing the place you go when you breakthrough. This is generally known as Hyperspace.

When SWIM refers to ‘they’ or ‘them’ SWIM is referring to the Hyperspace/DMT beings encountered during SWIM's travels. They were always benevolent and rarely could SWIM view them directly.

A breakthrough is considered to be a full experience, where the psyconouat has reached the desired destination and has broken through his/her ego and sense of self. 

Hyperspace Spaceship is the place where SWIM first ‘arrives’ although the memory of this is hidden deep in SWIM's subconsciousness on waking and is difficult to extract and remember. Taking just one puff of DMT helps SWIM remember.

Hexadecimal shapes:
Although SWIM is aware that a hexadecimal is a binary representation, it felt right for SWIM to call them hexadecimal shapes. As they twitched, pulsed and moved throughout the air they seemed to vary from having six, four and ten sides.