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Awake, asleep, snap to the in-between. In the corner of my room, I am behind my physical self, I’m in a white passageway from the floor to the ceiling. My physical self is still sitting on the sofa but I’m inside this passageway and slowly spiralling my way up, like a vertical spiraling tunnel. The beings are there again. At each stage they work their way from the walls and appear, turning round and touching my soul as I rise up through the white tunnel. 

They are petite pink-haired girl-beings, with futuristic voices and alien eyes, touching my lips as I pass through and try to ask questions. Each one says one word to me and as I spiral upwards I start to put them together and realise the words are linked but not in the normal form of language we would use, they are just showing me each stage with one word, and I’m thinking, who are you because they somehow look like me but a me from another place, a place nowhere near here, a place where time and reality don’t exist, a place where they have all knowledge and know all knowledge and can pass it on but only in this way.  It couldn‘t be explained with normal words, instead, stuttered sounds, instant images, a flash of feelings, and an alien word that would wrap it all together. Again, they are in compete control, it’s like you have entered the place where they reside and to pass through you must be shown this in this way, at this pace, with no more questions... because I asked too many last time round. 

Everything is futuristic but familiar, fractured but seamless, speeding but stretched out, giving the illusion that you are on a slow spiral upwards, but they move quicker than light and twirl back into the walls of the tunnel, just as one disappears another appears on a never ending spiral of knowledge. 

In the loop of time behind me, where my physical self rests and my friends sit, I can see them (my friends) moving around the room, pushing sounds from their mouths and turning inside their own tunnel of time. But I can see the beginning and end of this particular tunnel, I can see the way it will begin and end, I can make it join from the start to the end, and as I watch I’m led upwards by the pink haired beings. 

Every other sensation in the room is sucked out of here, I’m left with a tunnel of self, pure and utter highest sensation, clear, crisp and intensely concise, the sound, the touch, the movement I make...make it feel so unreal and too real at the same time. As I get to the top I can see that I’ve been in a rip in the fabric of time, where I can look into the room, at the physical linear dimension of time and make it bend, to the point it becomes a ring, and this is how I can see how the next five minutes will pan out. As it approaches the join, I realise that I’ve been in synch with it, and that to reach that point I’ve been controlling it from here because once I get to the top at the exact same time the tunnel of time in the physical room joins. I’m not going backwards I’m not going forwards although I’m travelling up through this tunnel but it’s the room that is moving, up a little each time I move up, so that myself and the physical reality are always on the same level. It’s like this place is the control panel, the control room, where we all rest, but seem to forget as we live out our lives, the life reality that doesn’t even seem real now, it’s more like the dream. The pink-haired beings are more real than anything I’ve ever seen, touched or felt back in the old reality. 

Coming back into the room, everything becomes rippled and fractured but still seamed together effortlessly and precisely at the same time. 

Afterwards you have thoughts that may once have sounded crazy but now seem so normal, acceptable and actually completely sensible. Like, I realise the pink haired futuristic girls were actually parts of me, how I’m not sure. If they are lost relatives or connected souls or actually just my parallel selves, who may look different in whatever reality they are projected into but once stripped away of the holographic illusion and away from their physical bodies, and in this place in-between all the realities, me and them actually look just the same. Then I start to realise that the spiral I was travelling up was actually the DNA helix, it was showing me somehow that DNA is a language and there is still so much of it to learn, to evolve. Apparently we have over 90% junk DNA! B.S! Well now I know that it’s not junk, it’s just waiting to be re-activated. I truly believe DMT is related to DNA, why else would they show me this. 

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