Dancing Stars in the sky

Ever looked up at the night sky to see a star move, dance or wink at you? This often unspoken phenomena is not unknown to scientists and witnesses are growing in number. It's time to rethink our relationship with our great, great, great, great (10^1000) galactic grandparents - the stars.

Stars are not dead

People are starting to realise that these glowing giants are not just dead lumps of physical matter, merely existing to paint a pretty picture in our sky or to spew out the relevant molecules for life when they die. We are all made of stars, we are told. The stars are our Gods, our life givers. They were you before you even existed.

Stars can move super fast

Hypervelocity stars are a new class of bright stars that can speed across our skies at surprising rates, visibly faster than our usual stars in the sky which can only be seen moving over periods of time. They can also be spat out of galaxies or just fly through them. the more we know about stars, the more we realise we don't know anything.

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lets talk about  stars that move...

Thousands of people have witnessed the stars moving. Join them or post comments here with your own stories.
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The stars are us

Why do stars wink? It is traditionally thought that passing planets were the cause but Kepler shows that our stars wink due to sun spots and also because they brighten and dim naturally, all on their own. Winking back at humans looking up? Who knows. Aliens may be communicating with us through the stars.