Share and share alike? But ACTA says Sharing™ is against the law! So sorry all the dolls are MINE!

Sharing™ is Caring didn't ya know

Sharing™ is Caring

God: "My child won't share."

God's friend: "Damn, we do want our offspring to be fluent in altruism."

Well the Young are by nature self-centred, so they tend to want things – food, dolls, attention – all to themselves, with little or no regard for others needs. This is the id in them. It can take several years of maturation and experience for the Young to learn to take another’s feelings into account.

Even as the Young learn the concept of Sharing™, their own desire for power often stands in the way of using what they know. One of the most common ways to establish power is by staking out your turf – you know: "Mine!"

To the right are some steps you can take to help the Young learn to share and develop compassion and generosity

Share ~a definition~

To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses: To Share or Not To Share? First we are told yes, (Not to worry there are freedom fighters at work.)

Some (Super) Nanny State Steps

  • Share with the Young In your own interactions with your Young, consciously demonstrate and describe Sharing™. For example, at snack time, say, “Let’s share this piece of bread. Here’s a slice for you and here’s one for me.” Make copies of this bread if need be, just as Jesus did and share it out to all!
  • Model sharing in your behaviour with others. At home, look for opportunities to share things with family and friends and even strangers, make it a point to do some Sharing™, describing it as you do so - Hello world here's a copy of that film you like, I've got a copy so here, share mine!  The Young are great observers and imitators!
  • Recognize and praise Sharing™ behaviour whenever you see it. Or, as I often say, “Catch the Young being good.” A simple, “Now, I like the way you're sharing your toys, remember to keep Sharing™ when you are an adult and the balance of the universe shall be restored!" Sorted.